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Outdoor Soccer Rules


  • Field are rented through the city
  • Please be respectful of the neighbours, homeowners and surrounding community
  • If there are any issues with one of the neighbours, please be courteous and polite, and then report any issues to the Rec League office.
  • The league and the city does not allow alcohol on any fields. 
  • Players are responsible for all property damage

Game Times

  • Please arrive at the field 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. This allows for a warm up and for the game to start and end on time. Games are scheduled back to back so all games must end on time.
  • If your game starts late it does not get to run late.
  • Games consist of two 30 minute halves with a 5 minute half time.


  • A full roster is 7 players plus a goalie and a minimum of 2 females must be on the field at all times. If the goalie is a female she doesn’t count towards the two that must be on the field.
  • A minimum of five players and at least one female must be present in order for the game to take place. If a team has less than five players they will default the game 7-0 and lose their default deposit. If a team defaults a second time, the rec league has the right to remove the team from the schedule.
  • Roster size is unlimited. Please make sure you have sufficient subs in order to avoid defaults. If your team defaults your will lose your “No Show” deposit


  • The Rec League does not provide “pinnies” or jerseys for teams
  • All players are responsible for bringing a dark and light color shirt. Teams will then decide at the field which team will wear which color. If someone does not have a shirt color that matches the rest of the team, the opposing team can ask them not to play. All discussions regarding jerseys should be between the two captains.

Start of Game

  • Captains will decide which team gets the first kick off. The other team will get the kick off in the second half
  • Teams will change ends for the second half
  • Kicks must be in the forward direction
  • A goal cannot be scored on the kick off


  • All teams have been given a net. Each team is responsible for setting up their net prior to the game
  • Shin guards are allowed but not mandatory. Shin guards must be under socks
  • Players must bring a dark and light color shirt


  • When a player passes the ball to the goalkeeper he cannot use his hands
  • If this occurs, an indirect free kick will take place from where this occurred
  • Captains should make sure the goal crease is identified. It should be 8 paces out and four paces outside of each goal post


Offside occurs when:

  • A player is nearer to their opponent's goal line than at least two opponents – the goalie and one other player
  • The player is nearer to the opponents goal line than the ball and a teammate of the player has the ball and kicks it forward towards the player in the offside position or the ball is shot at the net and it rebounds back out to the player who is in the off side position

The offside should be called once the kicker has released the ball and it is intended for the offside player

A player is not offside when:

  • They are in the offside position and the ball is not passed to them
  • The player receives the ball from a goal kick, corner kick, or throw in
  • The player is in their own half of the field
  • When a player is offside, the opposing team shall take an indirect free kick from the place where the infraction occurred


  • Slide Tackling is not allowed. Slide tackling includes any player including the goalie, leaving the ground in a foot forward motion, attempting to relieve the offensive player from the ball.
  • Sliding in all situations is dangerous and is not allowed
  • All free kicks are indirect kicks (Except penalty kicks). Meaning a goal cannot be scored unless touched by another player first

Fouls Include

  • Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent
  • Tripping an opponent (Accidentally or purposely)
  • Jumping at an opponent,
  • Charging an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner
  • Striking or attempts to strike an opponent,
  • Spitting on an opponent,
  • Holding or pushing an opponent,
  • Handling the ball with hands or arms,
  • Slide tackling
  • Goaltender picking up the ball after it has been passed to him/her

All players of the opposing team must be 10 yards away when a free kick is taking place

When the free kick is within 10 yards from the goal, the opposing team players can stand on the goal line.

Corner Kicks

  • When the ball passes over the goal line (but not a goal) and was last touched by a member of the defending team, a member of the attacking team will take a corner kick.
  • The ball is placed within a one yard radius from the corner closest to where the ball went out of play.
  • A goal may be scored from such a kick; the defending team must stand at least 10 yards away from the ball until in play.
  • The kicker shall not play the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player

Goal Kick

  • When the ball passes over the goal line, but not a goal and was last touched by a member of the attacking team, a member of the defending team will take a goal kick.
  • The ball is placed approximately six yards from the goal line on the side of the goal opening which is closest to where the ball went out of play.
  • It must be received by someone of the same team outside the penalty area, or someone of the opposite team can intercept it, for it to be in play again.
  • A goalkeeper shall not receive the ball into his/her hands from the goal kick.
  • The kicker shall not play the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player

Penalty Kick

  • A penalty kick, which is a direct free kick, will be awarded anytime a foul is committed within a goal crease.
  • It will be taken from the penalty mark (twelve yards from the center of the goal and at least 10 yards from the penalty mark. The goalkeeper must stand without moving his/her feet, on their own goal line, between the posts, until the ball is kicked.
  • The kick must go forward and the kicker cannot touch the ball again until it has been touched by another player.

Other Rules

  • The player starting the play – either by kick or throw in cannot touch the ball again until it has been touch by another player
  • Opposing players of the team that is kicking the ball must stay at least 10 yards away from the ball until it is in play
  • Substitutes must enter the field after the player comes off the field and must enter at the same position
  • All free kicks are indirect except penalty shots. They must touch at least two people before going into the net
  • Hand ball is anytime the ball touches any part of your arm from your shoulder to your finger tips. 

All teams play two playoff games. However, only the top four teams play for the league championship. 

  • If a playoff game is tied after regulation time teams will play a five minute sudden death overtime.
  • If the game is still tied there will be a shootout.
  • 5 players from each team will participate and at least two must be female.
  • Whichever teams scores the most goals wins. 
  • If the game is still tied, the shootout will continue in a sudden death format. The first team to score and have their opponent miss in the same round wins.
  • Players from the original five cannot participate again until the entire roster has kicked.
  • Sudden death can be either male or female.


  • All Leagues are self officiated.
  • Captains are responsible to ensure that games start and end on time. Team captains should assign someone to be in charge of keeping time and they should let everyone know when there is five minutes remaining in each half.
  • If a game starts late, it does not run late. Games are scheduled back to back, so games must end on time.
  • If your game causes the next to start late then both teams will be charged a default.
  • Team and players must make their own calls. Teams should not be making calls on the other team, but if necessary please do so in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Any reckless, aggressive, threatening or unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in being ejected from the game or league. Team captains should report any issues with the opposition.
  • Captains are responsible for their teammates and their actions. Captains must ensure the rules are followed and that their players understand the rules and sportsmanship expectations of the league

Alcohol Consumption

  • The league and the city do not allow any open alcohol at any public venue.
  • Any player or team found to be under the influence of alcohol, or other controlled substance, will be automatically ejected from the league without refund.


  • Because the season is short and field availability is limited, rescheduling games is very difficult.
  • If it is raining prior to your game, teams are to show up at the field regardless and wait 15 minutes for the rain to stop. If the rain does not stop and it is raining too hard to play, the two captains are to agree on a day to reschedule
  • If it has been raining for a prolonged period of time, the fields will probably not be open and you may not want to bother showing up, but out of respect you should contact the opposing team captain.
  • If it begins to rain after you started the game. If you can play though it you should do so. It is up to the captains to decide if the game cannot continue. After half time the game will not be rescheduled and the leading team after half will be declared the winner.
  • If you do not contact the other team to let them know you are not going to make it and they show up then it will count as a default to your team. If the fields are open games should take place and will not be made up.

To be sure the fields are closed check the:

  • Weather Closure Icon on our website
  • The City of Edmonton weather hotline @ 496 - 4999
  • These should be used as a guide as they are not updated past a certain time of day and conditions can inprove or change very fast.


  • The Rec League will not reschedule games for any other reason than weather.  Should you cancel your game you will lose by default.
  • We will make up rained out games but it is the captain’s responsibility to discuss with the opponent when a suitable day/time to make up will be. We do have fields on many days so games can be made up on any of these days but both captains must agree.
  • Once a date and time have been agreed upon the league should be notified and then we will schedule your game on an available field.
  • All games must be made up prior to the final regular season game. If they are not made up before the final game then the score will not count towards the standings.


This is a Rec League and we expect all players and teams to have a fun first attitude. To help enforce this style of play we ask all teams to report the sportsmanship rating of the opposing team after every game.
 2 – Good, fun spirited team, respected their opposition and made the game enjoyable
 1 – Was not unsportsmanlike, but didn’t go out of their way to make the game enjoyable.
 0 – Was not a fun team to play. They made the game less enjoyable and did not respect the opposition

If a team gets two 0 ratings in one season the league will decide whether the team is fit for this league and may remove them from the schedule.

  • Captains are responsible for sending scores and sportsmanship rating within 24 hours of games
  • Captains should confirm each other’s scores throughout the game.
  • If scores are not reported then they will not count towards the standings
  • Not reporting scores will negatively impact your sportsmanship rating and standing in league.

Scores should be emailed to

Registration fees are fully refundable, minus a $10 administration charge, up to 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the season. After this, the league assumes you have committed and all fees are non-refundable. We require this time frame in order to create teams and to complete scheduling.

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